Title Namgu Urban Renewal Center opens May 2
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Date 2018-05-04 PM 4:44:26 Hit 267
A center to support urban regeneration opened up in Namgu District of Gwangju.
Hyungjin Ro will tell us more.
Gwangjus Namgu district has opened Urban Regeneration Center today in response to the governments road map for an urban renewal project that it calls the New Deal.
The Center will serve as a control tower for urban regeneration projects focuses on old downtown areas, and will explore policies and advisory activities related to projects in Namgu.
It will also carry out urban renewal new deal projects and small urban regeneration projects, operation of an urban regeneration college, and establishment of a cooperation system of industry, academia, civil, and public interests in this field.
This scheme of the government is meant to redevelop infrastructure in areas that are socially, economically and culturally in decline.
Previously, the government provided a number of examples from other countries as models for the New Deal project, including 22 in Barcelona, Spain and the Amazon Campus in Seattle, Washington. 
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