Title Come to the fragrant garden of Taehwagang River
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Date 2018-05-16 AM 10:18:30 Hit 230
Come to the fragrant garden of Taehwagang River
 An abandoned land within Taehwagang Grand Park is set to be transformed into a fragrant garden.
 To welcome the designation of Taehwagang Grand Park as a national garden, Ulsan Metropolitan City has utilized the abandoned land to design a fragrant garden in the scale of 5000 ㎡, planting herbs such as lavender, cherry sage, and rosemary, as well as flowers and trees including gardenia, Osmanthus fragrans (fragrant olives), Osmanthus asiaticus, etc., to allow disabled visitors feel the nature through the sense of smell.
 The fragrant garden is expected to satisfy the five senses of visitors to Taehwagang Grand Park with new fragrances of the four seasons. At present, Taehwagang Grand Park is in full bloom, with lavender and other herb plants flowering in time for the ‘Taehwa River Spring Flower Festival 2018’ period. Visitors can enjoy a variety of flowers such as gardenia, Grape Myrtle, etc. in the summer, herb plants such as cherry sage and rosemary in the fall through top-shoot cutting method, as well as Osmanthus asiaticus and Osmanthus fragrans, famous for having a fragrance that can travel hundreds and thousands of miles, during the winter season.
 Moreover, tree name tags will be installed to help first-time visitors experience Taehwagang Grand Park’s fragrant garden, and a well-shaded resting space has also been created with green maple trees and other large trees, donated by a tree nursery of Agricultural Technology Center.
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