Title Recharge your electric vehicle anywhere in Ulsan
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Date 2018-05-16 AM 10:20:14 Hit 212
Recharge your electric vehicle anywhere in Ulsan
 A project to build more infrastructure for EV charging stations has been put in place to prompt the use of environmentally friendly electric vehicles.
 While Ulsan Metropolitan City currently has 38 public high-speed battery charging stations within its walls, the city plans on adding 74 this year for a total of 112 EV charging stations.
 Additionally, Ulsan also plans on increasing its number of concentrated charging stations (those with at least 5 units per station), by adding one in Munsu Park (10 units) to the current one in Dongcheon Gymnasium (5 units).
 Since 2017, Ulsan has been conducting a project to support subsidies for slow-speed charging stations.
 This year, while about 900 million KRW of national expenses (about 500 units) have been secured, the project has been put under the charge of the Korea Environment Corporation, and applications will be accepted until December 29th through the Ministry of Environment’s website for EV charging stations (www.ev.or.kr).
 Slow-speed charging stations are categorized as public (fully open, partial open) and non-public. Apartment houses with more than 100 parking spaces, businesses and public offices may apply for a subsidy of maximum 4 million KRW per unit for public charging stations, whereas EV buyers may apply to a subsidy of maximum 1.5 million per unit for non-public EV charging stations.
 It is also expected that the EV private supply business will also be further strengthened as the number of EV charging infrastructures are greatly multiplied.
 As of the end of April 2018, Ulsan has supplied 1,270 natural gas vehicles, 5,446 diesel cars, and 384 electric cars in an effort to improve the city’s air quality, and plans on expanding the supply program for environmentally friendly cars every year.
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