Title Ulsans Center for Biodiversity
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Date 2018-05-24 AM 9:30:03 Hit 219

Ulsans Center for Biodiversity
Commemorative ceremony, signboard hanging ceremony, and symposium for the World Biodiversity Day
Strengthening public awareness about biodiversity preservation and restoration

On May 16th, Ulsan Metropolitan City held a commemorative ceremony on the occasion of World Biodiversity Day (May 22nd) and a signboard hanging ceremony for Ulsans Center for Biodiversity in the Ulsan Green Environment Center (inside University of Ulsans Industry-University Cooperation Bldg).
Following both ceremonies was a World Biodiversity Day Symposium during which the operations of the national biodiversity management center and Ulsans biodiversity strategies were introduced.

The Ulsans Center for Biodiversity has been entrusted to the Ulsan Green Environment Center until 2020. Many projects are ongoing at the center, such as: conducting researching biological resources and performing conservation activities, building a biodiversity list, managing endangered species and invasive species, developing research and nurture manpower, providing education and promote the subject to the public, and constructing and restoring biological networks.

The Convention on Biological Diversity was adopted in 1992 at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development that was held in Rio de Janeiro and is currently being enforced in 196 countries. The preservation of biodiversity is thus being secured by treaties such as the Ramsar Convention, the World Heritage Convention, the Washington Convention, the Convention on Biological Diversity, and the Nagoya Protocol.

The Republic of Korea joined the Convention on Biological Diversity in October 1994, and followed up by establishing relevant laws and biodiversity strategies in order to respond to the obligations of the signing parties and pursuing various activities to preserve and restore biodiversity.
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