Title Ulsans Taehwagang National Garden application
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Date 2018-06-19 AM 10:06:07 Hit 198

Ulsans Taehwagang National Garden application
Ulsan Metropolitan City submitted an application to Korea Forest Service for the designation of the Taehwagang Provincial Garden as Taehwagang National Garden in accordance with the ACT ON THE CREATION AND FURTHERANCE OF ARBORETUMS AND GARDENS.
The Taehwagang National Garden covers a total area of 850,063 m in 107, Taehwa-dong, Jung-gu, Ulsan. It consists of management facilities, convenience facilities, and most of all thematic gardens around subjects such as citizens participation, ecology culture, healing recycling, waterside ecology, plant scenery and experiential games.
Ulsan has been managing the Taehwagang Provincial Garden ever since it registered it as a provincial garden last March 28th, and decided to apply to have it designated as a national garden recently.
The process of designation is as follows: Registration as a Provincial Garden (Mayor of Ulsan) Application for designation as National Garden (Mayor of Ulsan) Designation as National Garden (Minister of Korea Forest Service).
The Taehwagang River, which crosses the city center, is not only a cultural organism that has preserved the history of the city in full, but is also an optimum garden space in which the natural ecological environment comes alive. With its many successfully garden shows and its garden infrastructure, the river has largely contributed to the culture of gardens and is thus the best of candidates to be designated as National Garden.
Ulsan plans to globalize Taehwagang Rivers ecological resources once the garden is designated Taehwagang National Garden and contribute to pushing forward the domestic garden industry, thereby raising Ulsans brand value and revitalizing the local economy.
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