Title Ulsan to be Developed as Hub City in Era of Economic Cooperation with the North
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Date 2018-08-07 PM 5:51:55 Hit 138

Ulsan to be Developed as Hub City in Era of Economic Cooperation with the North


Ulsan Metropolitan City held the Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Progress Report meeting on July 18 officiated by Mayor Song Cheol-ho, affirming their push forward with the commitment to promote Ulsan as a hub city for the new era of economic cooperation with the North.

Ulsan City has launched the Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Task Force and is now in the process of identifying agendas for exchange cooperation that will work well with Ulsan, beginning with economic cooperation, and laying the foundations for its progression.

The meeting included discussions on the North-South exchange and cooperation progress status as well as future plans and preparations, incorporating the pledge from the 7th regional election and focusing on the course of action to make Ulsan the hub city for the northern economy.

First, application of the Northern Sea Route Ulsan Base Port Development Content is under way in the Basic Plan for New Port Construction currently in service by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

The Proposal for Development of Northern Economic Cooperation Hub is also included in services under the Foundation of General Planning for Ulsan Oceans and Fisheries Development, and such issues as candidate cities for amicable relations are currently under review.

In the days to come, the related ordinance revisions, funding procurement, expert seminars, research services, and other full-scale preparatory tasks are to be undertaken as well.

With this pledge, Mayor Song committed to make a breakthrough for the next leap of the regional economy by nurturing economic cooperation with the north as Ulsans new growth engine in sync with the trend of peace on the Korean peninsula, and, for this purpose, to form the Ulsan Northern Economic Cooperation Special Committee made up of experts, and to make Ulsan into a hub city for the east coast energy and resource belt as a leader of the Korean peninsulas new economy.
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