Title [Gunpo-si] Visible Achievement for River Water Quality Improvement
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Date 2005-10-12 PM 2:02:23 Hit 2379
Contents It is found that Gunpo-si has been successfully achieved in improving river water quality through effective river water quality management.

For the first time in the nation, a water purification device was installed at Sanboncheon for direct purification and the device has improved water quality dramatically returning fish and various birds such as mallard, snowy heron and heron.

Water quality in Sanboncheon exceeded the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), 30ppm due to inflow of polluted water from households. However, since the installation of water purification device and maintenance work on sewage pipes, the water quality improved to BOD 10ppm.

A combined study of private and government was conducted in 1997 focusing on finding direct purification method for river water quality. Based on the study, a contract with SangMyung University was made to establish basic plan and to investigate validity of purification work at Anyangcheon.

A total amount of 6 billion won was invested to install water purifying device and to restore Natural River. With intensive managing, the whole process became the milestone for restoration of river environment.

Furthermore, converting a polluted river into environmental-friendly and beautiful scenery have created a resting place for the local residents and provided an opportunity for children to study the ecology.

The restoration process and installation of water purification device on the upper stream of Anyangcheon was completed in May. Through continuous management of Anyangcheon became the nation’s best ecologic river.

Gunpo-si invests approximately 490 million won in the area of water supply management for re-maintenance of the basic plan for water supply. Other investments include 1.429 billion won for the replacement of pipes; 35.7 billion won for the expansion of sewage system and 986 million won to expand water supply to additional regions.

To prevent water pollution and to improve water quality, 15.396 billion won was invested to construct additional sewage treatment facilities and another 700 million won for maintenance of sewage system.

Source: The Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association (www.kwwa.or.kr, Sep. 26, 2005)
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