Title Hemibarbus mylodon is Back in Kum River
Source Ministry of Environment
Date 2005-09-02 AM 10:07:54 Hit 1533
Contents Hemibarbus mylodon which has disappeared in upper stream of Kum river is back in 20 years.

As one of the task of the Eco- Technopia 21, the Ministry of Environment (MOE) stocks the upper stream of Kum River with ten thousand Hemibarbus mylodon in Daech-Ri, MuJu Gun on 18th of August. These Hemibarbus mylodon which have passed 100 days of artificially incubation and grown approximately 3~4cm long are expected to spawn in about 2 years.

An official from MOE said "A professor In-Chul Bang's research team has been stocked the upper stream of Kum River with 1000 fry of Hemibarbus mylodon for last two years and five of them grown 10~15cm long were caught in early June, showing the efficiency of the restoration project" adding "with this large quantity of stock, restoration work will be activated."

Hemibarbus mylodon is a native species founded only in the upper stream of Im-Jin, Han and Kum River in the Korean Peninsula. It has special characteristic of building a tower with pebbles and sand to protect their eggs.

Firstly, it is known as a species living only in the Han River but it has founded in the middle and upper stream of Kum River later. Kum River is a highly valuable habitat located in the boundary line of the North. However, it is hardly founded since 1980s.

As part of the Eco-Technopia 21, MOE plans to carry out more restoration project on endangered species including musk deers, otters, Pseudopungtungia nigras and biological diversity in Korea.

Source: The Ministry of Environment Republic of Korea (www.me.go.kr, August 18, 2005)
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