Title Daegu Environmental Corporation signs MOU with Ho Chi Minh City to penetrate the water market in Vietnam
Date 2017-12-13 PM 3:10:13 Hit 490
The Daegu Environmental Corporation (Chief Director: Kang Hyeong-sin) signed an MOU with the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology and hosted a meeting with city officials to promote the corporation and Korean water companies, paving the way for Korea to enter the water market in Vietnam.
○ On November 13, the Daegu Environmental Corporation signed an MOU with the Department of Science and Technology in Vietnam. Under the MOU, the corporation will be able to actively promote its excellent technology and the local water firms of Daegu in Vietnam, thereby penetrating the rapidly growing water market of Vietnam.
○ At the meeting that followed the MOU signing, details were discussed on how signees could cooperate to develop Vietnam’s water industry.
○ During “VIETWATER 2017” (held November 8 through 10), exhibition booths were set up demonstrating the installation and operation of water purification facilities and publicizing the Daegu Environmental Corporation and firms residing in the National Water Industry Cluster of Daegu. Consultations were also provided to exhibition visitors.
○ On November 14, Daegu officials visited the Saigon Water Supply Corporation (SAWACO), a drinking water company in Vietnam. While there, officials toured SAWACO’s basic facilities and were briefed on the size of the water market in Vietnam.
○ Chief Director Kang Hyeong-sin of the Daegu Environmental Corporation said, “Signing this MOU with the Ho Chi Minh Department of Science and Technology means that Daegu’s local water firms can now explore other overseas markets in addition to China. Going forward, we will continue to provide our utmost support to foster close cooperation between the water industries of Korea and Vietnam for the purpose of mutual prosperity.” 
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