Title Costa Rica Imposes GHS Labeling Requirements for Hazardous Chemical Products
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Date 2017-11-09 PM 5:04:09 Hit 281

October 27, 2017

Costa Rica - Packaging and
Labeling, Restricted Substances Overview

The Costa Rican Ministry of Health has
published a final regulation (RTCR 481:2015) that establishes labeling
requirements for hazardous chemical products under the classification criteria
of the 6th edition of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and
Labeling of Chemicals ("GHS"). While the regulation adopts GHS
classification, its labeling requirements are unique to Costa Rica, including,
for example, proof that a covered product is registered with the Ministry of
Health. The scope of the current regulation appears to include many consumer
products that qualify as hazardous under GHS criteria, many of which were not
previously subject to registration. The regulation goes into effect on December
30, 2017. Covered products that are currently registered and sold in Costa Rica
have a five-year transition period during which they can be sold with their
existing labels. (First Transitory Art.)

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