Title Germany, France among energy efficiency laggards
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Date 2017-11-30 AM 11:02:32 Hit 232
Germany and France, along with the Netherlands, Estonia and Bulgaria, are not on track to meet their 2020 targets for reducing primary energy consumption as of 2015, according to a report published by the European Environment Agency on Friday.
Moreover, initial estimates suggest a 1.4% increase in energy consumption Europe-wide in 2015 was followed by a further year-on-year increase of 0.6% in 2016, and it is now “uncertain” whether the EU as a whole will meet its 2020 target of a 20% energy saving.
The preliminary data for last year suggest a further three countries – Austria, Belgium and Cyprus – also exceeded their 'linear trajectory threshold', although Estonia appears to be back on track to meet its 2020 target, the EEA said.
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