Title UK minister offers Brexit scraps to Parliament
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Date 2018-02-08 PM 7:34:47 Hit 226
UK junior environment minister Therese Coffey told a 1 February parliamentary debate on Brexit and chemical regulation that the government wants existing UK registrations, authorisations and approvals to remain valid post-Brexit. But she failed to say whether it wants British regulations to remain identical to REACH and other EU regulatory frameworks, once the transition period ends.
Ms Coffey said she did not expect to see the introduction of new approaches to risk assessment, and said the precautionary principle is "well embedded in what we do" – without categorically stating that it would remain. The environment ministry, she added, plans to consult on how it will incorporate various environmental principles and governance mechanisms.
The ministry’s forthcoming chemicals strategy, due to be produced "as we leave the EU", is unlikely to be published this year, she said, because the ministry is focusing on "implementing a smooth transition and continuing existing regulations". It has also started discussions with the devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on a future chemicals framework across the UK.
Ms Coffey also gave some hints of her ministry's vision of what a post-transition UK chemicals regime might look like, saying REACH "has shown its worth" and that it is "not minded to take the US’s approach". Mentioning discussions with Brazil, Switzerland and South Korea, she said many countries are "taking a REACH-style approach but may not be replicating it in every detail".
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