Title EU publishes delayed second REACH Review
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Date 2018-03-09 PM 4:40:38 Hit 168
The European Commission has published its delayed report on the second REACH Review. Originally expected in June last year it sets out 16 actions it wants to improve implementation of the Regulation.
However, there will be regret in some quarters that it does not propose any major legislative changes.
In this, its second five-year review of the Regulation, the Commission says that REACH is "effective" and is "addressing today’s citizens’ concerns about chemical safety".
However, it added, opportunities for "further improvement, simplification and burden reduction" have been identified.
According to the Review, which consists of a 12-page communication and a staff working document, the issues requiring "most urgent" action are:
  • non-compliance of registration dossiers;
  • simplification of the authorisation process;
  • ensuring a level playing field with non-EU companies through effective restrictions and enforcement; and
  • clarifying the interface between REACH and other EU legislation, in particular that on occupational safety and health (Osh) and on waste.
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