Title Forget Tesla’s big battery: it’s the smaller ones you want
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Date 2018-03-09 PM 5:01:27 Hit 184
Last year, the world gasped as Tesla’s Elon Musk won a bet to build the world’s biggest battery system in South Australia, within 100 days. Elsewhere, though, facilities managers are finding smaller batteries are also a good bet for energy management as the latest developments are set to be showcased at the Total Facilities Expo, 18-19 April.
Large estate owners and operators have traditionally relied on diesel generators to provide backup power in case of emergencies, for example when a blackout hits the grid.
These diesel generators are noisy, polluting, and costly to maintain, but until recently, there weren’t many alternatives. That is changing, though, as attendees at the Total Facilities expo will discover this year in Melbourne on April 18 and 19.
Today, thanks to the efforts of Tesla and a host of other energy storage companies, it is easy and cost-effective to get backup power from clean, silent batteries, instead of having to rely on diesel.
And if you currently have a time-of-use tariff with your electricity provider, the switch could help your building make big cost savings simply by storing cheap off-peak power and then using it to reduce your draw on the grid when prices go up.
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