Title Swedish fuel pumps to get eco-labels
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Date 2018-04-10 PM 1:53:46 Hit 131
The Swedish government has put forward proposals that aim for all petrol stations in the country to carry new eco-labels to inform consumers about the greenhouse gas emissions of the fuel they buy.
In a statement, the Swedish government said that the plans will be covered in its Fuel Act, which will come into force on 1 January 2019.
The eco-label will cover liquid, gas-based fuels and alternative fuels and could also have information about the “origins of the fuel”, the Swedish government said.
Under the new proposals, fuel suppliers will also have to follow new rules on calculating and reporting the greenhouse gas emissions of their fuels.
The new plan aligns with measures outlined in the EU’s fuel quality directive, which aims to yield greenhouse gas reporting of sufficient accuracy so that the Commission can assess the performance of fuel suppliers in meeting their obligations under the directive.
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