Title Spain 'could end coal and nuclear generation by 2025'
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Date 2018-04-10 PM 2:02:27 Hit 133
Spain could close all its nuclear and coal-fired plants by 2025 without endangering supply security, according to a report published by an environmental NGO.
The annualised cost of shutting down the generators would be no more than 5.5% of energy companies’ gross revenues from electricity production, according to the researchers from the technological research institute at Comillas University, Madrid, who carried out the study on behalf of Greenpeace.
Depending on the growth of electricity demand and of renewable capacity, the annualised additional cost would be between €186m and €1.18bn, the researchers claim.
This would be more than compensated by an estimated increase in tax revenue of €2.8bn from a potential 300,000 additional jobs created by the dismantling plants and their replacement with renewable capacity, the authors say.
To dispense with nuclear and coal-fired generation, the electricity supply system would require measures of additional flexibility including more stored solar and hydro capacity and, under some scenarios, new gas-fired capacity, Raquel Montón of Greenpeace told ENDS.
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