Title Brazil passes law limiting lead in school materials
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Date 2018-04-27 AM 11:41:00 Hit 124
The Brazilian government has passed a law limiting lead in products and materials used in buildings visited by children.
The following products manufactured, sold or imported must not contain lead above 0.06% by weight:
  • children's paint, varnish, enamel or similar material used in toys and articles that have a "playful purpose";
  • inks used for writing or drawing, or other educational activities;
  • paint applied to the exterior and interior of non-industrial buildings, including latex paint and enamel;
  • varnish used for interiors and exteriors for protection and decoration of wood and concrete and "other materials"; and
  • similar materials used for surface coating – those applied to buildings with the aim of protecting, preparing or surface finishing, including primers and sealers and waterproofing agents.
Exempt from the law are paints, varnishes and similar surface coating materials used for: 
  • agricultural and industrial equipment and commercial metal structures;
  • traffic signalling and security activities and equipment;
  • motor vehicles, planes, boats and trains;
  • graphic design drawings; and
  • household appliances and metal furniture.
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