Title Canada clears 59 inorganic, organometallic substances from further assessment
Source Other
Date 2018-04-27 PM 1:16:01 Hit 148
The Canadian government has listed 59 inorganic and organometallic substances it considers have been addressed in other assessment activities and will, therefore, not undergo further evaluation at this time under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (Cepa).
The 20 April list includes:
  • an arsenic-containing substance (10H-phenoxarsine, 10,10’-oxybis-) that was included in the assessment of "arsenic and its compounds";
  • a cadmium-containing substance (hexanoic acid, 2-ethyl-, cadmium salt), included in the assessment of cadmium compounds;
  • 11 substances that were included in the assessment of chromium compounds;

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