Title EU urged to adopt ‘investor-friendly’ green policies
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Date 2018-05-04 PM 3:54:16 Hit 122
European Union policymakers should develop long-term, predictable and reliable renewable energy policies in order to attract funds from institutional investors, according to investment firm MPC Renewable Energies.
Speaking to ENDS, Martin Vogt, managing director at Germany-based MPC Renewable Energies, said investors needed stable policy frameworks which are consistent and not changeable. He added: “A change of policy is a key reason for investors not got go into a country.”
Vogt said that Poland is an example of a country which generates most of its electricity from coal and which tried to diversify away from its lignite dependency by introducing ‘green certificates’ for utilities to buy to support renewable power.
The green certificate scheme was introduced in 2005, but “Polish governments changed renewable energy policy several times and the market died”, Vogt said.
He said that this change of policy destroyed the trust of investors, adding: “If investors see a change in regulatory framework, the investors will not have the trust to go back to the market.”
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