Title Canada proposes clearing two organic peroxides
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Date 2018-05-04 PM 4:02:09 Hit 143
A Canadian draft screening assessment of two organic peroxides has proposed finding them not harmful, as defined by section 64 of the country’s Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (Cepa).
If upheld, this preliminary conclusion would lead the Canadian government to take no further action on the two substances:
  • cumene hydroperoxide (CHP); and
  • dicumyl peroxide (DCUP).
CHP and DCUP are both used as industrial processing agents, but are expected to be present in negligible quantities in finished materials after processing, according to the assessment.
CHP may be used in commercial products such as building and construction materials. DCUP is also used in these, as well as in plastic and rubber materials, and in products used in automotive, aircraft and transportation applications.
Ecological concerns for the substances were characterised through a risk-based approach – the ecological risk classification of organic substances (ERC) – which evaluates hazard and exposure metrics. This identified CHP and DCUP as having low potential for causing such harm.
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