Title Danish EPA move threatens chemicals processing delays
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Date 2018-05-17 PM 3:02:41 Hit 114
The future relocation of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could create significant delays to chemicals regulatory work, due to an expected exodus of experts.
The EPA announced in January that it would relocate to the city of Odense 170km, west of its current base in Copenhagen, by next year.
Four hundred and forty out of 800 EPA people will move to Odense, while a further 150 will transfer from the agency to the Ministry of Environment and Food, where they will work on policy issues. The EPA’s remit will focus on technical tasks.
The move is part of Denmark's plan to create a fairer spread of government jobs throughout the country.
But insiders warn that the agency will lose experienced staff as a consequence. The EPA told Chemical Watch it is already experiencing a loss of staff and expecting to lose more.
Although the EPA is in the process of recruiting about 100 new people by 1 June and expects to employ additional staff in the coming months, there are concerns it will take new employees a long time to pick up on complicated chemicals-related tasks.

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