Title EU seeks proposals for 'polymers of concern' project
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Date 2018-05-17 PM 3:41:44 Hit 136
The European Commission is seeking proposals for a project on how "polymers of concern" (PoCs) could be identified and registered under REACH, according to a call for tenders, which has opened.
REACH does not currently require registration or evaluation of polymers, but under Article 138(2) the Commission is required to review the risks they pose and the need for registration of certain types of polymer.
A 2015 study conducted for the Commission proposed two possible registration systems. The first system was based on identification of polymers of low concern (PLCs) and lower or no registration obligations for them; the second on grouping similar polymers.
According to the current call, the successful contractor will:

≫propose criteria for the identification of PoCs, including the possibility of grouping based on physico-chemical properties or indication of hazard;

≫estimate the potential risks to human health and the environment posed by them, compared with other substances; and

≫provide a detailed cost-benefit analysis of the registration requirements for the purposes of impact assessment.

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