Title Sweden expects up to 2,600 notifications to nano register
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Date 2018-05-24 AM 10:04:11 Hit 106
The Swedish Chemicals Agency (Kemi) said it expects to receive up to 2,600 data notifications on nanomaterials in chemical products to Sweden’s new product register.
A rule requiring companies to do so entered into force at the beginning of this year. Companies have until 28 February 2019 to comply.
In an interview for Echa's newsletter, Kemi said it anticipates between 900 and 2,600 notifications, taking into account "some exemptions that have been granted to properly evaluate the new requirements". Some of these exemptions cover naturally occurring or accidentally produced nanomaterials as well as those used as pigments, it said.
Robert Johansson, Kemi's head of chemical statistics and registries, said that the figures are "uncertain" given that they are partly based on a study covering nanomaterials across the EU.
The following bodies are required to notify nanomaterials in Sweden:
  • professional manufacturers or importers of chemical products and biotechnical organisms;
  • those who, in their own name, package, repackage or change the names of chemical products or biotechnical organisms for further distribution;
  • those who make mixtures of chemical products and biotechnical organisms for further distribution;
  • manufacturers or importers of notifiable chemical pesticides; and 
  • third parties that report the products on behalf of manufacturers or importers.
  • ...

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