Title EU proposes Europe's first CO2 limits for lorries
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Manufacturers will have to ensure CO2 emissions from new lorries are 15% below current levels by 2025, but an 'indicative' 2030 target of 30% is not legally binding, under European Commission proposals tabled on Thursday.
Climate and energy commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete said all sectors of business have to contribute to meeting the EU's commitments under the Paris agreement.
“That's why, for the first time ever, we are proposing EU standards to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions from new heavy-duty vehicles,” Cañete said.
The proposal calls for a review in 2022, when the scope of the regulations will be extended to buses and other large vehicles, and the Commission will make a concrete proposal on the 2030 target.
The planned limits, based on improvements compared to average performance in 2019, were met with dismay by industry. The limits were “far too aggressive” for the European automobile manufacturers association (ACEA).
“It would seem as though the Commission has simply taken the exact CO2 reduction levels it already proposed for cars and vans, and applied them directly to heavy-duty vehicles,” ACEA secretary general Erik Jonnaert said.
The pressure group Transport & Environment, by contrast, welcomed the 2025 target, but argued that - contrary to the EU executive's assertion - the proposed standards would not bring the EU in line with its Paris commitments.
The NGO's clean truck specialist, Stef Cornelis, acknowledged the measures on the table would reduce fuel consumption. “But the Commission proposal means a lot of cost-effective clean technologies won’t be fitted to new trucks, which will result in truckers and the climate missing out on big savings,” Cornelis said.


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