Title Retrofits for public vehicles gets thumbs up from ENVI
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Date 2018-05-24 AM 10:36:03 Hit 253
Proposals to promote the retrofitting of public vehicles such as buses and trams with new technologies to reduce emissions have dominated a European Parliament environment committee debate on the promotion of energy-efficient road transport vehicles.
ENVI committee members discussed the issue as part of an exchange of views with the European Commission on a draft European Parliament legislative resolution on clean energy vehicles.
A draft report proposes amendments to the European Commission’s proposal on the topic, which was initially published in November 2017.
Lead rapporteur of the draft report Andrzej Grzyb, Polish member of the European People’s Party, said that the amendment would encourage the promotion of zero-emission vehicles.
He explained that the amendment would mean that the retrofitted vehicles would have to last for a long period of time – ideally more than 15 years.
He added: “We have paid attention to the retrofitting of buses in order to take traditional engines and turn them into hydrogen-based buses. Member states should have the possibility to purchase buses and trams, which are fitted in this way.”

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