Title Singapore’s first zero-waste grocery store is opening
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Date 2018-05-24 AM 10:44:41 Hit 209
The first zero-waste grocery store is launching in Singapore.
Called UnPackt, the store’s goods will be sold without any packaging and customers will be encouraged to bring their own containers.
Dispensed in self-serve gravity bins to reduce food waste, dried food and cleaning supplies are to go on sale first, with plans to introduce fresh fruit and vegetables once sales volumes pick up. Goods will be priced lower than regular high street items, since they are packaging-free.
The store is running a recycling scheme where cleaned containers can be donated and used by customers who visit the store without their own. Customers can also buy reusable containers at the store.
Co-founded by former business executives Florence Tay and Jeff Lam, UnPackt is a social enterprise that aims to spread the zero waste message and make packaging-free shopping more accessible in Singapore. 
The store will hire staff from two of Singapore’s most disadvantaged groups, seniors and single parents.


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